“Reveal Your Secrets” ECCE PostSecret Event at Student Union at 7 p.m. Today

Photographs courtesy of Giang Nguyen

All people have secrets of varying degrees. From embarrassing moments to the darkest hours, no one manages to get through life completely transparent. For the most part, people often fail to consider what that means for society at large and as a campus. Are they so mistrustful that they can’t speak their minds at all? These are just a few thoughts to consider in preparation for the UIS ECCE Speaker Series event PostSecret: Creating Community Through Confessions. 

Founded by Springfield native Frank Warren, the original post-secret project began in 2004, and it involved individuals writing down their secrets on postcards and sending them in to be displayed to the public. The result was a massive amount of postcards displaying human vulnerability from across the globe. Since then, the project has continued growing and has been featured in various museums, university campuses, best-selling books, and the internet. 

On October 17, Warren will be hosting this Speaker Series in the Student Union Ballroom to talk to students about finding strength in confessions and airing some of the secrets students and staff have personally submitted. Over the past few weeks, the campus has had a series of boxes inviting passers-by to submit their own secrets to be shared and added to this growing monument for personal silences.  

Even in the age of social media connectivity, people have not completely forgone all of their privacy. Hidden beneath the veneer of selfies, statuses, and posts, everyone holds his or her own private reflections that he or she chooses to keep silent about. In maintaining these silences, people are creating a culture that refuses to speak about some of the difficult topics faced in everyday life. This event is more than airing little white lies; this is a chance for all of us to engage with and speak up about things better left said.