The Government Shutdown


Photograph courtesy of Giang Nguyen

We the People of the United States of America just concluded a full five weeks of a federal government shutdown, a shutdown caused by Donald Trump because he would rather jeopardize the entire nation than not get his way in building “the wall.” Over 300,000 federal workers were without pay. The Food and Drug Administration was no longer inspecting food. Food stamps weren’t being given out. It was the longest shutdown in American history, one that literally risked killing people. Trump should be kicked out of office. Like many other people, I do not like Trump and would rather have seen someone else in the oval office I might seem biased to call for an impeachment. But, at this point, it is no longer about my personal feelings. It is about the feelings of the nation. Many federal workers were unable to pay their rent, risking becoming homeless. Food stamps were an uncertainty for many people who qualify, which threatened the possibility of starvation. Even if there are people helping, trying to help, or institutions that are set up to help the homeless, starving, and poor, if a situation like this recurs, it will not be enough for the sudden large displacement that America would face. With the lack of FDA food inspections over the past weeks, who’s to say that the food we’re eating now isn’t infected? Of course, federal workers that are considered essential will receive back pay, but what about all those workers that aren’t essential?

What about all those people with food stamps? Many federal workers are already working paycheck to paycheck already and are having to take out loans, putting them in further debt and destroying their credit.

Of course we could simply build the multi-billion-dollar wall he wants, but people do not understand that there already is a wall. And that wall doesn’t even do anything to keep people out. Further more but the wall that Trump wants to build isn’t even at the border but miles into American territory, cutting through private property. Yes, your property.

No longer is this an argument about not believing in what Trump says, but an argument of endangering lives. He says he’d let a shutdown go on for months or years for this wall to be built and the current agreement is only for three weeks. If he’s willing to go this far once, how many times are we willing to put up with this?

Many people complained, many people begged him to ‘reopen’ the government because they could not live like this. His response? It’s that the people that have had their loved ones killed by immigrants are hurting more than you are. He doesn’t care about the livelihood of the people of this nation. And allowing the government to be shut down causes far more problems than his wall proposes to solve.