Mr. Gamma Phi Omega

UIS’s chapter of Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority, Inc. will be hosting Mr. Gamma Phi Omega, the university’s first pageant for men. The pageant will raise money for the American Diabetes Association, the sorority’s national philanthropic organization. Events such as these also help to break down the walls of toxic masculinity by defying the stereotypes of what is considered to be “manly.” This allows men to act less negatively to both others and themselves by giving them an understanding that there is no reason to hold onto a stereotype.

The pageant will focus on the four goals of Gamma Phi Omega: Academic Excellence, Community Service, Cultural Awareness, and Sisterhood. By having a required GPA of 2.5 in order to qualify for the pageant, students who wish to participate must have some form of academic passion. Community service is addressed in the interview section and the application itself, as campus involvement and student leadership positions will be judged. Students with more involvement will score higher. Participants will each be asked to present on their culture, in turn promoting the cultures of all students who choose to participate. The goals of sisterhood will not be present with the participants, as they will all be male, instead promoting brotherhood among the participants. The goal is to award the man who embodies the spirit of Gamma Phi Omega the most.

There will also be more traditional rounds for the competition. Just like any other pageant, there will be a talent round. The final round of the competition will be a toga round, as the theme is Greek Gods. At the end of the pageant a winner will be announced. The winner will receive $150, with the runner-up receiving $50.

The only requirements to participate in the pageant are to have a 2.5 GPA, be a full time UIS student, identify as a male, and complete the application with a $2 application cost by February 15. The application is posted on the Chi chapter of Gamma Phi Omega’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Anyone who wishes to get more information can talk to any sister of Gamma Phi Omega or email the president of the sorority at [email protected]