Construction to Begin on New Children’s Center


Photographs courtesy of Cox Children's Center

Exciting new changes are coming to the Cox Children’s Center in the next few years. There are plans for a new building to be constructed which will house the children’s center and daycare. The completion of the project should take approximately 18 months to two years. The current building is located on the east side of campus, and the new one will be located just east of where it presently sits now. During the construction of the new building, the child center will still be open and running as usual, and there should be no disruption to the operations there.

Many faculty and students take advantage of the wonderful services provided by the children’s center. There are approximately 76 students who are enrolled in the daycare program, and a new building would allow for an additional 30 students. Currently, the children are separated by age groups in three separate locations on campus. Dr. Van Vieregge oversees the Cox Children’s center, and he stated, “The new center will allow us to combine childcare operations from 3 locations into one location. It will also allow more educational opportunities for our students.” With the consolidation of locations, there will be more space for additional offices or classrooms that open up for further use.

    The new building will have additional amenities to create a better, safer environment for the children. There will be larger student rooms, a multi-purpose room that will also double as a storm shelter, and an academic classroom with an observation station for student educational experiences. These larger classrooms will allow for more children, and in turn, the center can offer after-school programs and summer camp. This will better enrich the experiences of the students and will provide for a well-rounded education.

   The center is still waiting on the estimated cost of the facility, and, as of now, there are no outside sponsors for the project. The benefits of having a new children’s center are certainly worthwhile. The oncoming construction will begin once the bids for the project are in. For more information on the upcoming children’s center, contact Van Vieregge at [email protected]