Experience the Hidden

Experience the Hidden

One of the best things about UIS is the strong sense of community and how close-knit the campus is. Students are constantly bombarded with event flyers and notices from friends of different activities going on. However, a city lies right outside the cornfields that Springfield residents call home, and there is a lot going on there. Something students complain of is that they do not know what Springfield has to offer. Although there are a lot of things obscured by the overshadowing presence of Abraham Lincoln, there are a multitude of hidden gems that present exciting chances for a fun-filled day off-campus if one knows where to look. 

Restaurant: Obed and Isaac’s Microbrewery

Set in an old historic home that once resided in the Lincoln neighborhood, the building now sits only a block away from the Railsplitter’s abode. Inside its classic facade resides a bar stocked with homebrew. Sidle up to the bar or choose from indoor or outdoor seating; either way, you will not be disappointed. They serve American food with fries that are crisp to perfection. Their scotch eggs offer a perfect appetizer that settles any greasy food craving one might have, and should there be a free Sunday morning, they serve a breakfast horseshoe that is incredible. The atmosphere is very pub-like with a dash of artistic and historic class. Obed and Isaac’s is perfect for any lunch or dinner with family or friends, and, weather permitting, they are one of the few dog-friendly restaurants in Springfield. Obed and Isaac’s is a cozy, friendly place to go no matter what time of year.

Experience/Events: 31st Annual Edwards Place Fine Art Fair (September 21-22)

Art vendors will pack the property of Edwards Place at the upcoming art fair. Food trucks, glass blowing demonstrations, and a book sale are all on the docket for this two-day event. Vendors will be selling jewelry, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and a wide variety of other artistic pieces. This event is dog-friendly, and the atmosphere is fun and vibrant. The amount of talent in one place is inspiring and refreshing. Take a tour of the Edwards Place if time permits. However, there will only be one tour each day at 1 p.m. If one has been wanting to decorate your room or apartment, there will be many affordable options to choose from to match a wide assortment of aesthetics. There will be plenty of food, live music, and fun to go around, so be sure to check out this once a year art extravaganza!