The Latest Health Fad: CBD Oil

Fads are inevitable. They keep things regulated while simultaneously introducing fresh concepts, even when everyone is better off without them. Every few months or so, there tends to be consistent marketing for a new health fad that is presented as a miracle product of sorts, intended to solve an abundance of general health-related concerns. As these trendy products tend to serve more than one purpose, they are often marketed to resolve issues such as weight gain, unsightly appearance of skin, and even mental health concerns.

Once established as a “miracle product,” these fads are not always sold solely by themselves. They frequently make an appearance in several other products. In turn, people rush to buy these items to reap all of the benefits that they have been marketed to produce, only to be extremely underwhelmed with the actual benefits they receive (if any). Acai berries, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar are all some of the many examples of health fads that were once marketed as miracle phenomena. All of these products were branded to produce a numerous amount of benefits while producing lackluster results. This is where CBD oil comes in. CBD oil, formally referred to as Cannabidiol, is one of the newest health fads on the market as of right now. Heavily associated with its connection to cannabis, hence the name, CBD oil has become the newest craze in a lot of marketing endeavors.

Upon many states legalizing weed and the public becoming more accepting, companies have been quick to jump on finding ways to profit from this specific demographic. Since they cannot outright sell cannabis in certain states, companies have found a deliberate way to promote and sell something linked to it – thus the monetization of CBD oil. Even making a debut in products like mascara and eyebrow gel, the strong impact of this product is evident as far as marketing tactics go. However, the misinformation and false dreams being sold on the premise that this oil is some divine, never-seen-before product is comedic within itself. In most branding for CBD oil, you might notice a lot of buzzwords strategically placed to pique one’s curiosity. Words like “wellness” and “vitality” are often used to describe what one would presumably gain from the product. Often in the refusal to believe in the lack of benefits, people convince themselves that products like this one truly work. This happens almost as a placebo effect. Presumably to avoid skepticism, there is an emphasis on the amazing properties that are guaranteed to produce the best results, though this is all without any evidence backing said claims.

For what it is worth, CBD oil is most certainly a health fad that will sooner or later be revealed for what it truly is, or lack thereof. This product is simply a marketing gimmick —a smart one, to say the least— that preys on the sheer ignorance of individuals to believe that one sole product would lead to a multitude of personal health advantages.