Legend has it that every year, on February 2, we allow the closely following 6 weeks’ worth of weather to be determined by none other than a groundhog. Groundhog Day is a holiday that has been going on for centuries, and the rules are pretty simple – if the groundhog sees his shadow when he leaves his home, the following 6 weeks are going to be full of even more winter weather. But, should he not be able to see his shadow, spring is ready to begin and the winter weather is meant to fade away to floral warmth. Considering everything known about this tradition, all we need now is to know the fate of 2020; did the groundhog see his shadow?  

As it turns out, America’s favorite groundhog (you can’t be surprised that we actually have a famous groundhog) Punxsutawney Phil had not seen his shadow, meaning we should have expected to see warmer weather and the beginnings of spring. So now that we’ve established the rules of this groundbreaking phenomenon, let’s cue to the first real day of winter fueled, cold blasting, snowflake-ridden hell we’ve endured since the slushy December days. February 5, 2020, our beloved campus became a slip-n-slide nightmare for cars, golf carts, and people alike. Considering our small campus, it definitely could’ve been much worse. For that there’s some fortune. Might I highlight, though, the very important fact that we were lied to by our very own groundhog, Phil. There was some unified hope that the winter we’ve endured could at least be stable, to some degree, and provide us with a period of stagnant temperatures. Instead, what Springfield happened to receive was one day of warm, enjoyable weather just to stuff our throats all over again with more snow, seemingly out of nowhere. Nobody expects the wintertime to be warm in the first place, but why so warm just to jump below 30’s all over again? Whether it be a reason for further concern in regards to climate issues or just our weather being wonky just due to region, it’d have been great to have gotten a groundhog prediction on that. 

However, the winter days may be, unfortunately, it’s still up to us to bear the brunt of this season’s cold and cruel actions. Often times it’s easy to forget that nature, even the groundhog, doesn’t hold our best interest in mind and goes at its own pace while playing its own game. Truly all we can do is save up what little pennies we have and grab the warmest scarves our wallets can afford in the hopes that, while we wait for the intensely snowy weather to calm down, we can at least cozy in. It is still the last stretch of winter, after all.