Photographs courtesy of SJ-R.COM


Last Tuesday, competitive tensions were on the rise as teams joined together to beat one another in a game of Black History Squares, hosted by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Black History Squares, a spin on the TV game show Hip Hop Squares, tested the knowledge of fellow students in the realm of black history. The hourlong event was filled with high energy and laughter as various teams went head-to-head in three rounds of trivia questions.

The ground rules of Black History Squares are the true testament to a sense of competition throughout the event. As the moderator finished reading each question aloud, one team had to swiftly buzz in before their opponent. Teams were challenged to face a panel of celebrities, in this case, UIS students and staff members. Promptly after buzzing in, teams had the choice of choosing a “celebrity” to represent them in answering the question. If the team felt the answer was correct, they would simply say, “We agree.” Otherwise, the team would state that they did not agree with the celebrity’s answer. If the selected celebrity answered the question correctly and the team agreed with said answer, the team would receive either an X or O on the board. The team that received three Xs or Os in a row would win that round — similar to a game of Tic-tac-toe. In the end, the two teams with the best overall scores competed for the winning title in the last round of Black History Squares.

Tidbits of Black History Month knowledge were spread throughout the event to enlighten those that found themselves stumped by some of the questions. Overall, this event was successful in its approach to bring such focus to significant moments in history in a manner that was lighthearted and entertaining.