Another Recreational Dispensary is Opening in Springfield


Photographs courtesy of Getty Images

As the demand for legal marijuana has increased in the state of Illinois since its legalization, more dispensaries and designated smoke spots have been attempting to gain licensure. Ascend, an add-on to Illinois Supply and Provisions, is preparing to open for recreational purchase in Springfield soon .

            Ascend’s General Manager, Emma Ross, commented: “When you look at the sales and the cannabis industry in Illinois, you can see that there has been a need for another dispensary in this area.” Preparations are being made quickly, and staff warn that customers can expect long lines and wait times after the grand opening.

            According to WICS Newschannel 20, it will replace the Outback Steakhouse that was formerly located on 3201 Horizon Dr. The intention is to focus the 628 East Adams St. location of Illinois Supply and Provisions primarily on medical marijuana purchase while Ascend on Horizon Drive will concentrate on recreational marijuana. Starting Thursday, November 5, this dispensary will be the third to gain licensure for recreational sale in Sangamon County.

            The Director of the Illinois Department of Revenue emphasizes the positive economic impact of marijuana legalization and taxation, an especially imperative factor in such a difficult time:

“Thanks to those who have carefully overseen this brand-new industry’s successful launch in Illinois, revenue is flowing to local governments, to drug treatment programs and law enforcement, and being reinvested in our communities hit hardest by the failed policies of the past.”

            In spite of the many in favor of this new green addition to Springfield, others emphasize the possible risks of increased marijuana use in the community. Some citizens are concerned that people will drive while intoxicated or pave the way for the normalization of “hard” drug use. While no negative impact of legalization has been acknowledged empirically in the state, the legislative change is fairly recent and time will tell if the expansion of the marijuana industry will become a detriment or not.

            Prospectively speaking, the future holds an inevitable expansion of the area’s green market to meet the growing demands of the community. The State Journal-Register claims that the Adams St. location intends to apply for permission to grant “on-site consumption” to customers. The Lincoln Courier affirms that Grandview’s Maribis of Springfield intends on opening a second location in Sangamon County and other dispensaries may follow suit.