Halloween: A Reboot done Right


The 2018 reboot of “Halloween” is the 11th installment of the franchise.  Although this film is the 10th sequel to the original movie, it completely ignores the other nine films, aside from the first one.  The franchise needed this, as many of the later films strayed from the things that made the original a horror classic. 

Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie Strode, the only survivor of the murders in the original movie. Nick Castle, the original Michael Myers from the 1978 film, makes his appearance again as the horror icon.  This works very well, as the movie takes place 40 years later, and the actors have aged accordingly. 

“Halloween” embodies everything about a slasher film.  From the darkened sets to the classic score, it feels like a fresh update to classic horror films instead of a new addition.  It is impossible to separate the 2018 “Halloween” from the 1978 film.  Just like in the original film, Michael Myers escapes captivity and goes on a murderous rampage on Halloween night.  However, the body count is much higher this time around.  The original film has 6 murders.  The 2018 film approaches twenty murders on-screen—and possibly more off-screen. 

People who enjoy slasher movies will love this addition to the genre.  There are plenty of gruesome and gory murder scenes with a level of creepiness that makes Michael Myers one of the most famous horror villains out there.  A very small amount of comic relief is used about midway through the movie, but the film does not devolve into a platform for joking and comedy.  The entirety of the film is an obvious buildup to a climax that plays out surprisingly well. 

No one should expect to see a masterpiece of cinema when watching a slasher movie, and “Halloween,” as such, is not a masterpiece.  Some of the camerawork is irritating, some of the acting is lackluster, and there are far too many flaws in logic if the viewer thinks for more than a few seconds about certain plot points.  For a movie like “Halloween,” that is acceptable.  This movie is not meant to be taken seriously.  It is meant to be a fun theater experience that recreates the spirit of the original movie, and it does quite well with that goal.