Spring Break Tips & Tricks

As Spring Break approaches the University of Illinois Springfield soon, a lot of students are making plans and figuring out how they want to spend the time off. However, many of these individuals are low on cash and have very limited trip options. Some may have to budget and penny-pinch the entire time, while others may not even be able to leave Springfield at all. Regardless of which category an individual falls into, there are ways for students of all budget sizes and plans to make the most out of this break.

For those who want or have to stay in Springfield during the break, from Sunday, March 10 until Saturday, March 16 there are a variety of enjoyable alternatives to traveling. Options include catching a movie, attending an art gallery, visiting a comedy club, playing sports, ice skating recreationally or going to a local concert. History fanatics may find themselves enriched by visiting the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Camp Butler National Cemetery, or the Old State Capitol building.

Nature lovers can check out forest parks, Henson Robinson Zoo, or a botanical garden. People who are traveling for spring break can certainly do so without breaking the bank. Booking a place to stay and grabbing a flight or train ticket should be done as soon as possible to ensure that the prices are not higher than they need to be, as companies tend to continually raise prices as the dates approach.

If travel dates are flexible, try looking at what days the prices seem to be lower for in terms of transportation. It tends to be much cheaper if you avoid departing and arriving on a weekend. Calculating a day-by-day budget is one way to ensure frugal spending, and it allows the traveler to break up each day’s expenses into categories such as food, souvenirs, attractions and ride share.

Sites like trip advisor and even reddit are home to locals and previous travelers that can give advice on the best places to go and things to do around the location one is visiting. The 2019 Spring Break Registration form opened on Monday, February 25. The sooner the application is filled out, the better. It can be accessed here: www.uis.edu/residencelife/importantdates.