Photographs courtesy of JUSTIN ROSE

In honor of Black History Month, The Diversity Centers’ Peace Rally served as a peaceful and relaxing commencement to the celebration of all this month has to offer. Following the Black History Month Candlelight Vigil, the Peace Rally was an event that focused on ringing in the month on a motivational and peaceful note. With a playlist of songs from the likes of significant black musicians,, such as Sade, Prince and Michael Jackson, the Peace Rally was successful in bringing the true essence of the many distinctive forms of appreciation for black art and creativity to the forefront.

As fellow students gathered together, the Peace Rally created an atmosphere that encouraged creative expression through the making of posters, embodying all that is the representation of “blackness” in light of Black History Month. Multifaceted, colorful posters ranged from affirmations and quotes to recognizable symbols of notable black figures. Each poster played as the overall centerpiece of every individual’s visual idea of what it means to celebrate Black History Month — or a general sense of Black representation, appreciation, and equality. The Peace Rally was successful in its efforts to bring together such a vast range of different creative depictions. As finishing touches were added to various posters and the event neared its end, students joined in synchronized singing, quite reminiscent of a moment of karaoke — an overall enjoyable ending to a memorable night.

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