As the beginning stages of 2020 continue to unravel, we may be finding ourselves bombarded with the most staggering and overwhelming loads of world news. Many may already be aware, the coronavirus has been one of the most discussed topics in reoccurring headlines and elsewhere. Similar to past notorious virus pandemics like the H1N1 flu, zika virus, and ebola virus, the coronavirus has created quite the frenzy amongst the public. As the numbers of those infected and countries in which the virus has spread steadily rises, many people are concerned about the status of their health. You may be one of many left questioning how this may impact your health.

How does this virus affect us? As information pertaining to the coronavirus is consistently appending and fluctuating, it is difficult to truly know in hindsight. It is completely normal for a virus, like the coronavirus, to incite such fear and worries. While those concerns are valid, it is important to consider the real-life probability of one actually being infected by such a virus. In fact, the stakes are much higher to contract the flu. Preferably, in instances such as this one, it is equally important to follow precautionary health protocols, as you would anything else.

In this case, finding ways of improving your immune health can be a vital factor in avoiding any circulating viruses. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes, “This [the coronavirus] is more common with — people with weakened immune systems, infants, and older adults”. Improving the health of your immune system not only plays as a preventive measure for the unnerving coronavirus, but other lingering viruses that may not be gaining as much traction right now.

Boosting your immune system can initially seem to be a timely task. While that is somewhat true, in cases where pandemics ensue, the timeliness of improving your immune health is worthwhile. Some of these steps may come as no surprise, as they are reinforced in almost every, “healthy lifestyle” rule of thumb. Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, minimizing stress and getting enough rest are just some of the ways that you can strengthen your immune system, according to Harvard Health. These examples are some of the more simple implementations that can make a world’s difference in your immune health.

Don’t let the coronavirus alarm you too much. Start making conscious decisions that will contribute to the overall wellness of your immune system and steer clear from any impending viruses.