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College Republicans at UIS


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The Republican Party or sometimes seen as the GOP (Grand Old Party) first emerged in 1854. The party began as an anti- slavery party. The first Republican to be elected was Abraham Lincoln. The party began its base in the northeast and Midwest, which has changed over time and has become more dominant in the south. The Republican Party has seen some changes, during the 1960-1980s the moderate republicans emerged.

The platform is one that is largely based around being fiscally conservative, or spending money within sense. We believe in less government control, and less regulation on businesses. We believe in the right to practice your 2nd amendment, and are pro-life. We support free markets and personal reasonability over welfare.

Our group on campus is a group of students who believe the same things that the party was based around, although just like the party we do not all have the same views on every situation or decision our party makes, but at the end of the day we are Republicans. Our group has helped with many of the campaigns in the upcoming election.

Many of the members helped with local races in their communities like county board, all the way up to state level races like those for senate and representatives. In return we are building our résumés, and doing what most of us enjoy doing. We are also in the process of assisting Rodney Davis’s campaign, who is running for congress in the Springfield area, and also Dennis Shackelford’s campaign who is running for State Representative.

We help out or at least try to help any Republican candidate that may need it. We have not really been able to help out with the presidential election.  As of right now the Republican Party controls the House in congress, but does not control the Senate. As a political advocacy group on campus, we first and foremost want people to know what your government does and how it influences your life. We have students involved in College Republicans that come from the moderate side of “conservative” to the very right of “conservative.”

The College Republicans can be contacted at

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Award winning, student run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield..
College Republicans at UIS