Why I’ll never vote for Crooked Hillary

Guest column: Dom Chiappano, president of the UIS College Republicans

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Why I’ll never vote for Crooked Hillary

Chiappano with the College Republicans at the UIS debate.

Chiappano with the College Republicans at the UIS debate.

Tiffany Chin

Chiappano with the College Republicans at the UIS debate.

Tiffany Chin

Tiffany Chin

Chiappano with the College Republicans at the UIS debate.

Dominic Chiappano, Guest Columnist

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A lot of people always ask me how I can possibly support the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump.

To me, it’s a no-brainer to be Never Hillary.

By looking briefly at the political past of the Clinton Empire, they’ve made any Trump ‘scandal’ look rash.

The Clinton family has been engulfed in public outrage since their humble start in politics when Bill ran for Congress in 1976. But many millennials listening to major news outlets this election might not get the full picture: the Clinton family is plagued with corruption.

From Whitewater, where the Clintons got caught in a real estate controversy, to Benghazi, where Americans lost their lives on Hillary’s watch, the Clintons have been under public scrutiny.

And let’s be clear, the Clintons have held political power almost all of their adult lives and have always put their careers before the well-being of the nation.

Now, I won’t lie and say Trump’s past words have been appropriate, but let’s keep in mind that is the only thing malicious to come out of his past. Words.

When Donald Trump stated any of his half-truths (and if you’ve never read Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” – you should because it explains his campaign to the tee), he owned the media cycle just because it would get people to speak his name in mainstream media.

Words have been the sole focus of Trump’s character in question, while Clinton’s actions have directly cost Americans’ lives. Clinton’s disastrous career as Secretary of State easily proves to me that she would be a horrific choice for America.

So then that leaves us with what millennials call a bigoted, racist, and fascist xenophobe. How could anyone support him after all of the controversial statements he’s made?

For me, and many millennials who truly understand what’s at stake, Clinton is not the way to go.

This election may feel like a joke, but rest assured it’s more important than you think. With several potential Supreme Court seats up for grabs in the near future, we must elect a president who will put through nominees that will actively uphold the Constitution as we move through a battleground period of several important cases with a transitioning court.

Furthermore, I find it derisory that people feel Clinton would be more beneficial to the regards of women’s rights and for the advancement of the LGBT+ community.

The Clinton Foundation has a “proud” pedigree of receiving millions of dollars in donations from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, three countries which not only punish those who participate in same-sex marriages by death or lashings, but who also require “male guardians” due to the belief that women are on the Earth as second-class citizens.

But that’s just par for the course in the Clinton’s political game: “championing” these causes for basic human rights and then collecting paychecks from countries that directly contradict them. And for the record, Clinton never supported same-sex marriage until it was politically expedient for her to do so.

It’s not just her foundation, either.

Clinton is the definition of crony capitalism and everybody knows it.

Senator Bernie Sanders knew it, and look what happened to him.

According to several DNC emails leaked via Wikileaks, ex-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and several officials in the party have been exposed for throwing the primary in Clinton’s favor. This cycle, alone, it’s been reported that the Clinton campaign was given debate questions verbatim ahead of time via interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile.

Sanders was right about another thing: Clinton has never fought for the middle class, because we can’t afford the millions in corporate donations via big donors from Wall Street.

In essence, the choice is evident to me that we simply cannot afford another Clinton presidency.

Barack Obama put it best back in 2008 when he said, “She’ll say anything and change nothing.” For once in a long while, I strongly agree with President Obama and heed his advice toward anyone who supports Clinton – America deserves better.

If you want a president bought and paid for by big corporations while simultaneously changing her opinion on just about every issue to gain political capital, by all means, vote for Clinton.

In contrast, if you want a president who hasn’t spent 30 years of his life in and out of actual political scandals, a president who answers to no donor but the American people as a whole, or a president who truly has potential to make meaningful change in office – vote Trump.

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