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In defense of Tomi Lahren

Why Beck and TheBlaze made a mistake


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Ever since Tomi Lahren’s first video went viral, I’ve wished she would just go away. Very few things fill me with more rage than how aggressively she shares her fallacious ideas.

Naturally, when I saw that her show had been suspended, my first reaction was joy. Finally, I thought, I no longer have to scroll through my Facebook feed and see stills of her pointing at the camera, her confident scowl indicating the far-right verbal diarrhea that was about to unfold.

But that joy lasted only a few seconds, when I read why she was fired.

As it turns out, Glenn Beck is so bad at being conservative that I now have to defend Tomi, who is probably one of the most promising young voices of the Republican Party.

Beck was fine with her trampling all over protesters, black people, college students, immigrants, and so many others, but the moment she stepped a toe outside of his heinously alt-right bubble, he cut her off.

I hardly think Tomi needs me, or would want me, to defend her. She is a fiercely brilliant communicator, and her social media presence alone is certainly powerful enough to do some serious damage to TheBlaze.

But every time I think of Glenn Beck’s pompous, sideways smirk, I feel a new kind of fury in my stomach.

Beck is just another old, white, male, hypocritical conservative – much like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, or Sean Hannity. 

These are the kind of people that will rail against young people for being coddled and having “safe spaces,” but the instant one of their brightest young figures presents a single opinion they don’t agree with, their soft, rubbery faces shake with crippling fear as their familiar, white, obsessively masculine world has been threatened.

There is no doubt in my mind that Tomi’s situation was made worse by the fact that she is a woman – a woman far more intelligent and capable of reaching people across all ages and demographics than Beck or any of the other cups of expired vanilla pudding I mentioned before.

I would put money on the fact that her firing was equal parts due to a difference of opinion, jealousy of her popularity, and blatant sexism.

Tomi will most certainly be back, as she is far too talented be kept away for very long.

And despite how much I disagree with her, I hope she comes back soon. I hope she destroys Glenn Beck for his hypocrisy, and leads a charge of young people from across the political spectrum who are willing to share opinions and argue and eventually come to a solution.

America needs Tomi; it doesn’t need Glenn Beck.

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Award winning, student run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield..
In defense of Tomi Lahren