Do You Want a Kid?


Photograph courtesy of Giang Nguyen

“When are you going to have a child?” “Do you have plans for children?” “Why don’t you want kids?” “That’s what I said when I was your age.”

These are probably some things that you have heard in your life, more often if you grew up female. Even at 20 years old I’m asked if I want children and even expected to marry in my future. Sometimes when people ask me that question I like to ask them a question. “Would you have the baby for me?” “Are you going to pay for this child’s every expense?”

Having a child is not something that people can just have. There needs to be careful preparation, not to mention having a heavy cushion to fall back on just in case something goes wrong. It’s not like having a dog, and it definitely isn’t something you should have just because you suddenly want a child one day. Then there are the people that do want to have a child but cannot conceive because of the amount of money it takes to have a child.

I do not think people understand how much money it takes to make a baby. Many people coming out of college are going to be in student loan debt, and if they’re lucky they might even have a stable job. But what about your partner? Do they have student loans? Do they have a job? Then you have to think about paying for medical bills, and that’s just for having a baby. Next you need to think about feeding it, clothing it, taking it to the doctor, putting it in school, among so many more things. Of course, this isn’t even going into the amount of trauma a mother goes through when giving birth to a baby. Adoption is no better, as it costs the same amount of money to care for the child, you’re just skipping the pregnancy process. I would love to adopt, but in the current state I am in I don’t think that I would be able to give my hypothetical child the best life.

The sad truth is that having a child is economically unfeasible in the current world. If more people wanted us to have babies, then they should try to make the economy better so people can have them. But, even if we were to have a child, would this be the world we want to bring them into? All kinds of moral dilemma arise from having children, and more people should respect us for not wanting to have them. We assure you, we do not hate children. I love children so much, and I always make it a point to give a child the best experience they feasibly can. But to care for a child is something my wallet cannot handle.

If you want to have a baby, then be my guest and have one. But leave all of us that don’t want one out of it.

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