A Love Letter to Humble


My libraries of video games, e-books and assorted software are bloated messes that I feel I have no hope of working through in my lifetime. Scattered amongst well-played favorite games are cheesy dating simulators full of anime cat-girls that I am scared to open. I have seventeen different guides for tabletop RPGs I have never read or played. I have had access to 2 different animation applications despite having no talent to use them properly. In spite of the lack of use, I never felt like I wasted a dollar on any these dating sims, e-books or programs. That is because I bought all of these in bundles through Humble.com.

For those who are unfamiliar with the website, Humble is a virtual marketplace that has grown famous for selling massive bundles of video games at relatively low prices. Typically, the store offers a set of limited weekly bundles that function on a tiered pay-what-you-want formula. In other words, if you pay a certain amount into the bundle, you get rewards based on what you spend. For as little as 1 dollar, you can often walk away with a set of books or games that would normally cost 20 dollars in total. If you really want to, you can also pay amounts beyond the tier thresholds. The site also offers a game-oriented monthly subscription bundle and a normative storefront that regularly hosts flash sales. The ability to access entertainment and information at a low cost already makes the site worth looking into, but it is not the only unique draw the site boasts about.

One of the features that drew me into Humble is the company’s focus on philanthropy. Every purchase on the site provides a guaranteed donation to the site’s charity of the month or a charity attached to a particular bundle. Some of the charities the site supports include Child’s Play, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and American Red Cross. The site also allows users to choose a partnered charity of their choice if they want to support a specific cause. After doing an extensive deep dive on each charity Humble supports, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the majority of them were ranked positively by nonprofit ranking organizations such as Guidestar. This dedication to choosing reputable charities and guaranteeing donations is only one part of the site’s activism. While other stores provide limited control over how much profit is donated, Humble puts that power in the hands of the buyer. No matter how big the purchase is, users are given the option to divide their money between a supported charity, the developers who made the products being purchased, and the Humble store itself.

Overall, I cannot recommend Humble enough. If you are looking to add some cheap entertainment to your life and make a difference in the world, this is one of the best venues you can turn to. I encourage you to buy a bundle. Any bundle! Even if you do not play, read or use everything you buy, you helped make a difference.