Another Streaming Service to Waste Our Time


Streaming services are perhaps some of the best things ever made. Before their existence we had to wait for set times to watch a TV show, often having to pay for cable in order to watch our weekly show. With the creation of Netflix, we can sit down and watch whatever movie or TV show that we desire whenever and for however long we want it. At least, that’s what we thought we could do.

Now we have several different streaming services for several different providers. Although Netflix still has many TV shows and movies, there are so many different streaming services that we no longer just have a single service to watch from. Now if we want to watch The Office we need to pay for another service just to watch it. If we want to watch Star Wars we need to pay into a Disney streaming service. Where we used to have one, or even two services, we now have to pay for several services just so we can watch a handful of our favorite shows. Isn’t that just the same as cable?

For a simple fifteen dollars a month, we could have all the shows we want at our fingertips and we no longer had to scour the internet to watch a single thirty-minute episode in horrible quality. By paying into this service, we supported the creators while also being able to watch everything we want in HD quality. It became a cheaper way into watching our shows and movies without having to pay a hundred dollars a month just to watch one or two channels. Yet, it seems as if we are devolving into that very same issue now, where we pay a hundred dollars a month for several streaming services to watch just a single show or two. What’s the point to have streaming services when, at that point, it’s no different from cable?

Corporate greed is making people go back to piracy because we do not want to spend a hundred dollars a month just to be able to watch all our favorite tv shows. We’re no longer supporting our creators, and even worse, we have to watch our favorite TV shows in horrible quality. If corporations realized that all we want is one, or even two, streaming services, we wouldn’t have such a piracy issue in the first place. Unfortunately, I do not see them rejoining all our favorite TV shows into one streaming service, which makes many of us return to the piracy boat once again.