The Power of Essentialism

Essentialism means focusing on the important things and letting go of others. It is a systematic discipline of having a good judgment of focusing on what is essential and eliminating the non-essential things so that we can contribute our time and energy on a thing, that is important. Essentialism is more than just a time-management strategy or a productivity technique. It is not one more thing, it is a way of doing less, but in a better way, in every area of our lives.

The undisciplined pursuit of doing more and everything has forced people to lead their lives in misery and exhaustion. You must learn to say no to the people. Every time when someone asks a favour of you to do this or that, you say yes without even thinking about the things that are already on your plate. Prioritizing your life can make your life much more enjoyable and will help you achieve more free time, so if you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.

Let’s just talk about why non-essentialism is everywhere. We have too many choices, which keeps our mind occupied with the useless decisions which we make. As the choices have increased exponentially, we have lost our sight of the most important ones. It’s just not the choices but it’s also about the social pressure which has increased and that has influenced us a lot. And then there is the idea that “You Can Have It All”, which has been going on for such a long time. It is sold in advertising. This is a myth, which has increased exponentially. For example, it is embedded in job applications and university applications, which requires not just one but many other skills.

There are different ways how a non-essentialist and how an essentialist takes the things into perspective and work it out. Let’s first talk about, how a non-essentialist works it out. Everything is important for non-essentialist, says YES! To everyone without even thinking, takes on more stuff and then all the work suffers and most importantly lives a life that does not satisfy at all. On the other hand, an essentialist has a totally different approach: For an essentialist, only, a few things are important. An Essentialist applies a different approach of “The Disciplined Pursuit of Less”. He pauses and takes a little bit of a long time to think and figure out which things are important and then he removes the obstacles so that execution becomes easier and is always in control and just gets the right things done. Essentialism is a movement whose time has come, and everyone should practice it.