The Key to Happiness in a Distracted World


Happiness, who does not want happiness in their lives? Everyone does! But to stay happy all the time is not possible. There will be plenty of times where someone will judge you or someone made you sad or there can be million other reasons. You can’t do anything with regards to what other people do and think. But what you can do is “Have control over your own action and thoughts”. What we do is, because of any of the above reasons we try to impress other people, which we don’t even care for. What we think is, if I impress this or that person, I will be worthwhile. So, instead of focusing on what other people control and are very likely to hurt you and disappoint you on, navigate your limited energy on the things and situations in which you have control over.

For this “Stillness” can help you achieve happiness. Stillness is a tool from the very ancient philosophy called “Stoicism”. To talk about stillness, not only do we have moments of stillness, we don’t even have seconds of stillness. All our problems are from our inability to sit quietly and alone. When was the last time did you took out time and had a moment of stillness?

Stillness cannot be achieved, you set up certain conditions in which stillness is possible. You must understand that stillness and happiness are ephemeral they will come in chunks of time, but they won’t be there for every second of your life. You must understand that the mind, body, and soul are all connected. You cannot achieve happiness if we just focus on one part like mind or just soul. We must practice it just like we train the muscles of our bodies and make them stronger. You can be mentally a mess and physically “still” or it can be the total opposite of it. It’s like on the surface of the ocean you see stillness but beneath the ocean there are currents. Stillness is creating space in your mind to really think about what matters and that will give you a productive conclusion.

Happiness cannot be pursued; it can only ensue.