You Are Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!


There are many different types of cult classics. Some movies are good and praised for what they are or have an interesting art direction, and there are others which are just so bad that people love them for how bad they are. However, The Room is a movie that falls into its own special category: so bad that it is just straight-up awful and that’s what makes it good. It is just that bad.

The Room, directed, produced, casted, written, and starred by Tommy Wiseau, is perhaps one of the worst movies that you will ever watch. I cannot even explain to you the plot of the movie because nothing in it makes sense, but the best I can do is that it might be a betrayal plot where the main character’s girl is stolen by his best friend. We’re not sure. Also, for some reason there are drug and breast cancer subplots, because why not! The acting is absolutely awful. There is only one person on the cast that actually tries to act, and you almost feel sorry for her because of the movie that she’s in.

What makes this movie absolutely special is that it is so awful that people watch it. I think I have personally seen the movie more than ten times, much to the dismay of my friends. It is the type of movie you watch because you are so morbidly curious as to just how bad it is, unbelieving to the fact that it is just that bad, then being absolutely horrified that it is.

Most of its charm comes from just how serious the movie plays itself to be, and the fact that it was not intentionally created to be terrible. In fact, Tommy Wiseau made the movie intending for it to be completely serious, heart-wrenching, and sad. He then decided to go with the fact that the movie was absolutely horrible because people could not take it seriously when it initially aired in movie theaters.

If you’ve never heard of The Room, or have been planning on watching it, you really should invest in a movie night with friends to watch the movie. No words can explain how much of a horrible delight it is. It really is the type of movie where you have to watch it to understand the full scope of horror that it is.