Corporations Aren’t Your Friend (Virus Edition)

Being cooped up inside gives you the time to do things you might not otherwise have had the time to do. Reading a book, remodeling your house to the best of your ability, finishing that TV show, or even playing a new RPG. There are endless possibilities for what you can do, even if it might not be under the circumstances that you wanted it to be. But even if you have all this time, there is obviously a significant lack of money that could be better spent on groceries or important items. Yet it seems like greedy corporations cannot take no for an answer and decide to aim for the slimiest possible course of action: sales. 

Supposedly sales are a good thing. Who doesn’t like a good sale here and there to buy yourself something nice or to get something you need at a cheaper cost? I myself have participated in many sales. But what makes this decision so scummy is the fact that companies are taking advantage of people’s obligation to stay inside by enticing them with online sales for things they do not need. Sure, having a sale for a video game would be nice when money is low and you have nothing better to do, but to have a sale specifically at this time when people need the money is a new low. People do not need to spend money on unnecessary things, and for a company to entice its customers with a sale is not a good reaction from the company itself. 

Companies should be trying to help and connect with their consumers. Donating funds to help stop the virus or giving their workers sick leave or bonus checks. If a company really wanted to help other people, this is what it should do instead of having a sale for useless junk. Allocating resources into their workers is a much better payout than to simply have a sale and potentially lose money because they’re selling something for 75 percent less than the original price.  

Don’t buy things you do not need if you cannot afford it. Pressure companies into giving their employees sick leave. Pass up the sale and fight for workers’ rights.