This is Going to Be A Very Ugly Election

WARNING: If you are a radical Republican or Democrat, reader’s discretion is advised.


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As many of you know, Bernie Sanders dropped out of the 2020 presidential race last week – leaving only Donald Trump and Joe Biden. I’m starting to believe we are cursed. 

On one hand resides Biden, a man notorious for sharing weird stories about his leg hair, touching people inappropriately (albeit no sexual assault allegations have been definitively proven) and being unable to formulate coherent sentences enough of the time that it’s concerning to anyone without the wool pulled over their eyes. 

On the other hand, we have someone who we know is an inept president by most definitions. We can count on Trump to be misinformative to the point of bolstering conspiracy theories, deflective of responsibility while simultaneously taking false credit for others’ accomplishments, nepotistic, destructive to reformative legislation and international relations, jingoistic, prejudicated, detrimental to the healthcare system, unfit to handle crisis situations effectively, and unequipped to handle the presidency as a whole. The 35-day government shutdown (aka wall temper tantrum) and the way that he handled the coronavirus situation in the beginning were both so devastating that I’m not sure this country would be able to recover from another Trump presidency. 

With that being said, what do they both have in common? They’re old! They’re controversial! They’re painful to listen to! All the opposition has to do in order to make a valid argument against either of them becoming president (or being reelected) is play any videotape of them saying words. Hearing either of them speak is like having my eardrums impaled by tiny gremlins. So, America, what will it be: dumpster fire, or forest fire? I say, just throw the whole country away at this point. 

I’ll be in Canada, let me know if y’all need anything.