Gardening Doesn’t End Here


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As the weather becomes warmer and the rain becomes more frequent, the world is getting greener day by day. Many of us are still stuck inside and unable to do anything but sit around and clean, work or deteriorate upon our couches. But even if we have nothing to do, that does not mean we cannot choose to pick up any hobbies or stop some of our hobbies altogether. Although it involves the outside world, we can still garden. 

In the spirit of spring, many of us should still garden or even pick up gardening. Essential stores such as Wal-Mart and Menards are still stocking gardening tools and seasonal plants in the coming weeks, as they have been for years. From seeds to soils, they are all still available. What’s more, some items are available for delivery if you cannot get out the house. With all the time on your hands, it seems perfect to begin redoing your front or back yard by digging it all up and replanting everything that you have. Alternatively, now is almost the best time to begin planting and preparing for vegetables or even putting some commitment into fruit trees. Not only is growing your own produce probably better for you, but it also reduces the amount of time you have to go to the store and even gives you fresher produce (if you do it right). Although it takes some time and money, eventually you can have your own garden which will regrow every year for years to come. 

Although some of us might be thinking about redoing our entire backyard or front yard, there are still simpler ways to garden. Indoor house plants are also a great way to begin your affinity for gardening. Even if some indoor gardening seems simple, such as planting a flower or tree, some indoor gardening can become much more complicated the more intense the plant becomes. I would not suggest starting right off getting a bonsai plant, which requires intensive care and nurturing. Look into gathering and creating plants instead, aquatic or land, to make a great start to a time-filling new hobby. 

With the doom and gloom that is happening all around us, it is important to remember that spring does not end here. We can still enjoy the parts of the season that we love, such as plants and flowers while also maintaining social distancing and staying inside.