A New Way to Do Small Business

Quarantining has shown us new ways to go about our daily life and experience the world: virtual tours, online comic and anime conventions – even online school! Quarantine has managed to push technology to the limits with just about everything, and more importantly, small businesses have taken the jump onto the online world into the realm of Etsy.

            For those who do not know, Etsy is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell items they have made. Etsy is not quite eBay – which typically sells preowned items or licensed items – but is rather focused in selling mostly original items which the “shop” owner or their employees have handmade. Businesses put up their items to sell on the searchable marketplace and then send it off in the mail for the customer to receive later. This has helped put artists on the map and continue to support themselves, in addition to hobbyists who can sell handmade items for a little money on the side. Etsy also charges a small fee that allows users to utilize their website per item listed and sold on their storefront. This may often turn out to be cheaper for the business to use, rather than buying and maintaining a domain.

            Since quarantine has started, Etsy has been the go-to place for people to put their wares up for sale. Even small businesses that have been around for years have been branching out to put their wares online and reach a broader audience. It has been a great way for a lot of people struggling to make ends meet and still make sales with the state-mandated closures. At the same time, it can create its own difficulties for businesses as the marketplace is flooded with sellers. This can come down to a matter of luck, whether businesses can successfully bring in enough sales to make ends meet or get flooded out by others that managed to get the luck of the draw.

            Regardless, it is a good idea to look on Etsy if you want to support small businesses or creative people just wanting to make some money on top of their current job. It is an accessible way for people to reach out to small businesses as well as a fairly safe way for people to shop without the need to leave the safety of their homes. With COVID-19, competition is at an all-time high to get customers to buy their products and be at the top of the “food chain” (so to speak). Now it is simply a matter of getting the word out, searching for small businesses online, and assisting them in any way we can to keep them thriving.