Online Grocery Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping

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We’ve heard of online shopping time and time again. It has been a growing market for many people and is often seen as the more hip way to shop. Buying things online to have them shipped or picked up later at the store allows you to avoid all those pesky lines as well as searching around the store like a headless chicken. Online shopping has become increasingly popular and easier – and with COVID-19 it only seems to boom further with shipments every day to people’s houses. However, something that most people never thought of with the boom of online shopping was online grocery shopping, where you let other people shop for you.

            Although online grocery shopping felt new before the pandemic, it really was not. When Amazon bought Whole Foods, it incorporated a new option within its website called Amazon Pantry, in addition to Whole Foods pickup. Other online grocery shopping options became available but in smaller quantities, such as Imperfect Foods, where people were able to buy food at a cheaper price while having ingredients sent to cook right out of the package. These ways to shop felt more hipster than actually necessary for those that were simply unable to leave their homes. It felt more designed for the rich than it did for the average schmuck in their house, especially with some of the prices within the subscriptions.

            But COVID-19 seemed to flip the switch on many of these online grocery store chains. Now many grocery stores are allowing for in-store pick-up and delivery with payment online. There are also now myriad applications allowing people to essentially hire another person to physically do their shopping in a particular store.

This is not just reserved for stores themselves. Many apps within recent months have sprung up so that you can easily apply and get some money to shop for people, much like Uber Eats – which differs greatly from typical delivery. Although it seems to be a booming market, shopping for others can be difficult, as people often rely on tips rather than a flat rate per hour. However, people lucky enough to get a job with a flat rate may find themselves raking in tips on top of that.

            As far as the jobs being around long term? Only time will tell if grocery shopping online in years to come will be as popular as it is now. Although it appears to be becoming a more mainstream choice compared to going out, it is impossible to see what will happen in the future of this new type of grocery shopping. If the growth of genreal online shopping up to this point is an example to go by, I feel as though it might be around for years to come.