Trumped by COVID-19


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2020 has been a strange year for many people. It is both the year of the pandemic, the year of notable death and depression as well as perhaps one of the most important elections of the century (so far). Perhaps the most left-field punch in the face we could have ever predicted is the fact that Trump caught COVID-19. This is surprising or unsurprising to some, and for others it’s either a celebration or a reality that we cannot really cope with.

            For many, finding out that Trump has COVID-19 was a news flash across the television announcing that our president would be undergoing hospitalization. For others, this was a time of celebration and a time to post an incredible number of memes on the Internet. On Twitter, there has not been a place where you haven’t seen the news – through humorous pictures, of course. The Internet’s celebration aside, one could almost call it ironic that Trump caught COVID-19 after mocking Biden for wearing a mask. Biden retaliated with his own jabs at Trump for not wearing a mask after he had been hospitalized. Many people speculated that it was only a matter of time until Trump caught COVID-19 as he notoriously never wears masks at rallies nor in any public area.

            To further the irony of the situation, Trump stated that he would hold off any COVID-19 relief until after the election, essentially holding the nation hostage until the elections are over. Whether he’ll be reelected or not remains to be seen. However, the fact he would refuse more relief until after the election, after getting COVID-19 himself, really is just the nail in the coffin. Irony aside, this is a dire situation for Trump and many of the people who he was in contact with. Although contact tracing has managed to identify many of the people that he had been around without a mask, a large anumber have been testing positive. Biden tested negative.

            That being said, we must remember the old saying: What comes around, goes around.