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Emily Albrecht, Copy Editor


“What do you think about Melania Trump’s leaked tapes about Christmas, Stormy Daniels, the ‘liberal media,’ and migrant children?”


“Prove to me Melania actually said that. A vicious woman sharing a tape is not proof.”

“[She] is a foul-mouthed Christmas-hater.”

“Has anyone even checked up on her [after her positive coronavirus test]?”

“Melania can’t vocalize anything to anyone for fear of being recorded. I absolutely feel for her…it’s a disgrace.”

“It’s disingenuous to try to insinuate that all asylum-seeking is staged and that the children are somehow better off in cages without their families.”

“Is she okay? It’s a little sus that no one’s heard from her.”

“She’s just as bad as her husband…just as callous and self-centered as Trump.”

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