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Student Government Candidates



Kimberly Stinson


Candidate for the Position of Secretary Students of UIS






Students of UIS,

My name is Kimberly, but many people know me as Kimmie. I’m pleased to announce my candidacy for the position of Secretary. I am a sophomore, pursuing a degree in Legal Studies. I’m currently a Board Member of Student Organization Funding Association, a Peer Mentor for the Capital Scholars Honors Program, and am also involved with Christian Student Fellowship and Pre-Law Society. If elected, my experience as the current Secretary of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, Pre-Law Chapter would be beneficial to serving as SGA Secretary. My goal as Secretary is to encourage and enable students to have their voices heard that would not be otherwise. I would aim to create and implement solutions to issues that students feel are influential to their experience and success at UIS. I look forward to serving you as Secretary of SGA.


Bradley Weishaar


Candidate for the position of Freshman Senator









“Hello, my name is Bradley Weishaar and I’m running for the position of Freshman Senator. I’ve always been interested in politics, and I know that SGA would be a good start. I’m from a small town, so I’m familiar with the “everyone knows everyone” mentality. I look forward to meeting all of you soon. Remember.. “don’t be sad, vote for Brad!”


Amanda Young


Candidate for the position of Freshman Senator









“My name is Amanda Young and I’m running for Freshman Senator. As Freshman Senator, I want everyone, regardless if you’re a freshman or not, to be able to come up to me and talk about concerns you have or anything else.”


Caitlin Sherman


Candidate for the position of Freshman Senator









Hi, my name is Caitlin Sherman and I am running for Freshman Student Senator. I have leadership experience through my High School Student Council and National Honor Society. Here at UIS, I want to be a voice for our class of 2023. I will be here to listen to everyone’s thoughts and ideas and try to bring them to life.


Zugey Olvera


Candidate for the position of Freshman Senator

If elected to be part of Student Government Association I will prioritize student needs. One of them being the shuttle bus. I will aim to have a few more entertaining locations added to the bus routes and continue to have great student events around campus. Also being open-minded helps me be open to new ideas to improve the student body as a whole. All of this could be done if selected to be part of SGA.


Angela Gin


Candidate for the Position of Peoria Campus Senator







Greetings Fellow Students, Faculty and Alumni,

My name is Angela Gin and I am the Student Senator Candidate for the Peoria Campus. I am a senior this year in the Business Management program.  I have served as the Interim Senator for the past  Semester and am looking forward to the chance to again serve not only the Peoria Campus, but the Student Senate as a whole as we continue to maintain and strengthen the bridge between Main Campus and the Peoria Campus.


Natty Akupulonu


Candidate for the Position of Senator from the College of Education & Human Services







My name is Natty Akpulonu, and I have been a student in this reputable institution since Spring 2019. I am in the department of education and Human Services, majoring in Social work. It is my intention to run as a Senator to represent my constituency. Having been in this school since Spring 2019, I do appreciate the Administration’s strive towards qualitative, serene and secured learning environment for the students and staffs.

However, I think that the undergraduates from my department should not go elsewhere -looking for their graduate-program admission. Unequivocally, the work of a social worker is inseparable to the ideals of dignifying humanity, and therefore, giving social workers the profound training would ensure credible and quality-oriented practice. This would be assured by the graduate degree program. Therefore, I would encourage a social work graduate-program accreditation for our school. This is achievable.


Collin Moseley

Candidate for the position of Senator-at-Large







It is with great pleasure that I, Collin Moseley, officially announce my candidacy for the office of Senator-At-Large with the SGA of UIS. During 8th grade, I had the honor of serving as an honorary page in the Illinois General Assembly. Ever since that moment, I have wanted to be a Prairie Star. I believe my wide range of experience in legislation, government, and student organizations secure my qualification for this position. If elected your Senator, I will make it my primary effort to ensure a transparent government, that works for all students.

In addition, I believe there are many things that we, as a team, could improve in the fields of campus safety, funding, and our military/veteran student involvement and recognition on campus. Finally, if elected I will work for YOU.

In that spirit, please feel free to email me at [email protected] at any time to discuss your points with me. I thank you and humbly ask for your vote.


Max Pernitsky

Candidate for the Position of Campus Resident Senator






My primary goal as Campus Resident Senator is representing everyone that lives on the campus. I will work diligently to improve everyone’s experience on campus so they can have a substantial college experience. I will encourage student involvement by engaging all campus residents through Student Government activities. My goal is to truly empower the college student so we all can make a difference in the Springfield community and on the UIS campus. As a Senator,  I will advocate for the interests and ideas of a broad range of students to improve involvement on campus, academics, athletics, diversity, and sustainability.


Ethan Heilman

Candidate for the Position of Campus Resident Senator

As campus resident senator I will ensure representation for all students living on campus.  Despite coming from different backgrounds we are all united as one residential body, and I will work towards common goals for the betterment of campus living and the interests of all campus residents. As your senator, I will make sure your ideas are heard and empower all residents to make our voices heard throughout the UIS community.


Kasaragod Sneha Shenoy

Graduate Student

Candidate for the Position of International Student Senator







I am majoring in Management Information systems at UIS and currently working as a Graduate Assistant at the College Business Management department. I personally believe that it is extremely important to manage and be a part of both academics as well as extracurricular activities. This is a great platform for me to utilize, so as to explore my capabilities in extending all possible assistance to all the International students out here. It would be an utmost pleasure in identifying different cultures and traditions across the Globe and also imbibing a few.

Being an International Student has made me realize that it takes a lot to leave one’s family and friends behind in order to achieve something great, to feel proud about being oneself and to finally be successful. In my position as an International Student Senator, I would want to make each student realize that they are strong. Strong to fight and stand tall against all the odds. Finally, I believe, each one has the ability to make a home away from home.


Gabrielle Garland

Candidate for the Position of Transfer Student Senator


Animesh Pawar

Candidate for the Position of Senator-at-Large

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Student Government Candidates