The REAL Reason We Watch the Superbowl


Let’s be honest -the game and the halftime show were destined to be bad. We all watched the Superbowl for one reason and one reason only … ads! For those of you who were lucky enough to miss the game, read on for the best and worst of Superbowl LIII ads.

The Best:

Even if it was a publicity stunt, I found Microsoft’s adaptive controller ad really inspiring. It’s nice to see assistive technology used in a recreational context. Stepping away from humor, I think it was the most important ad of the season. Before we continue, lets have a moment of silence for the most tragic celebrity death of 2019. Rest in peace Bud Knight. Although a tragic end to a great hero, the Game of Thrones/Budweiser crossover hit all the marks of a good ad. It was funny, no one saw it coming, and it highlighted the TV event of the year. The sleeper hit was the NFL ad. Featuring some of the biggest names in the game fighting over a fumble, the ad was a great call back for the fans. Props to Marshawn Lynch for inciting a riot that made the Bowl look like a pillow fight.

The Worst:

I can still feel the unsettling, deadpan glare of Andy Warhol’s Whopper face. Seriously, what was that, Burger King? How many people are going to catch a reference to 66 Scenes from America? I don’t know what is worse, the fact that this ad exists or that it made me want to see the hideous mustachioed mug of His Royal Highness The Burger King again. Pepsi’s ad seemed desperate. I feel as is Steve Carell’s rant would have been enough. Is the mere presence of Lil Jon and Cardi B really supposed to make us want Pepsi? I didn’t want to review another beer ad, but come on Michelob. ASMR? Really?