Gearing Up For the Ebony Ball

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Gearing Up For the Ebony Ball


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On Saturday, February 23, the Black Student Union (BSU) will be hosting their seventh annual Ebony Ball in the Student Union ballroom from 8 to 11:45 pm. When the ball was first introduced in 2012, it was hosted in the Public Affairs building. However, over the years’ participation has drastically increased and its location was moved to the Union. As the Ebony Ball reaches its seventh annual anniversary, the event has since become a popular and valuable tradition on campus. In honor of Black history month, BSU invites everyone to celebrate the importance of black excellence.

The ball is considered by most students the top event of the semester. There will be food, guest speakers, and special recognition of the black community. Although it is business casual, many people often dress to impress. Students take the opportunity to show off their elegant evening gowns, spiffy suits and stylish pursuits. It is a great chance to strut in with pride and honor as students share in this inspirational evening. The importance of this event really strikes at the historical context of black achievement and activism.

For decades, important contributions made by Africans-Americans have been minimized and excluded from history. In a community that has often been unappreciated and devalued by society, this evening symbolizes prosperity and leadership. The Ebony ball serves as a time to give recognition to those who have achieved something great. Black excellence is more than receiving an award or certificate. It is a state of mind that fosters continuous prosperity. Justin Rose, Director, of Diversity and Inclusion, affirms that the Ebony Ball seeks to exemplify this by honoring students who embody these principles at UIS.

Samaryia Magee, program and student advisor of the Diversity Center, as well as a previous attendee, highlights the event “as a chance to put on Sunday’s best, it gives everyone a formal setting to gather and celebrate.” Continuing the tradition of a yearly theme, this year’s will be ‘My black is rich’. Anticipations run high. As many people prepare to attend this year. However, the event is sure to live up to the high expectations of previous years.

The evening is a special event to support the achievements and hard work of our peers, faculty, and friends. Many people have already cleared their calendars and chosen their attire. This is not an event to miss out on!

UIS coming together to embrace and participate in this heartwarming evening is fitting in conclude Black History Month.

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