Hispanic/Latinx Graduation


Graduation and commencement is a very exciting and important time for much of the campus community. Every year hundreds of students finish their degrees, get their diplomas, and walk into the next stage of their lives. Whether getting an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree, graduation ceremonies celebrate and honor the hard work put in by all the students who are getting one of these degrees.

One special graduation ceremony that happens the week before the official, campus wide commencement ceremony is the Latinx graduation. The Latinx ceremony is designed to recognize and celebrate all the academic accomplishments of students who identify as Hispanic or Latinx or are members of Hispanic or Latinx groups.

All students who identify as Latinx or who are members of the Organization of Latin American Students, Gamma Phi Omega Sorority or Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity are invited to participate. The event also serves to celebrate Latin American culture and inspire younger students to strive for academic achievement so that they themselves can be in the ceremony at a later year.

The ceremony will be held on May 4, one week before the final UIS commencement. It is important to celebrate all cultures, including those of smaller groups. With 6.7% of the University population, there are several hundred students who identify as Hispanic or Latinx. These students have an incredibly rich culture that the entire campus can learn from and gain much insight from experiencing.

Families of these students will also be able to attend a graduation ceremony that is designed to honor both their students and their culture. This event goes a long way to ensuring that all families feel they are both welcome and honored at the UIS campus.

As stated any student who is graduating and identifies as Hispanic or Latinx, or is a member of Gamma Phi Omega Sorority, Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, or the Organization of Latin American Students is invited to participate. The form to sign up can be found at go.uis.edu/hlgrad2019.