UIS Homecoming Pep Rally Kickoff


Photographs courtesy of Giang Nguyen

This year’s UIS Homecoming Pep Rally yet again succeeded to get students fired up, thanks to the participation of copious different groups and organizations here on campus (as well as volunteers from the elated crowd. The pep rally started at 7:30 pm in the TRAC gymnasium on Thursday, Oct. 4 before the homecoming bonfire. Free long sleeved UIS t-shirts were given out to attendees at the beginning of the event. SAC members announced their presence while acknowledging the attendees at the pep rally that were part of this organization. They stated that these members were the ideal people to go to for any questions regarding anything UIS related, and that they would be placing ducks around campus for people to find and document.

  Bat games, basketball “knockout” rounds with volunteers, acknowledgments, dances, cheers, chants, soccer ball kicks, stunts, and other engaging activities kept the audience cheering throughout the entire pep rally. For instance, both UIS soccer teams (men’s and women’s) picked volunteers to kick soccer balls at bent-at-the-waist students, eventually joining in after the volunteers hit their targets. The cross country team ripped off their shirts collectively as “This Is America” by Childish Gambino played through the speakers; the team danced, lip synched, ran, and carried one of the members of their team during the performance. Volunteers from the crowd participated in a particularly extensive yet competitive round of the basketball game “knockout,” with players blocking each other’s shots and the like.

     Many acts put on an incredible show to set the mood for a fun-filled weekend: Dancing Stars, the men’s basketball team, both men and women’s soccer teams, Legacy, cross country, The Royal Starettes Majorette Team, Picture Perfect Modeling Troupe, the softball team, and Greek Life organizations such as Alpha Phi Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Gamma Phi Omega, Alpha Kappa Alpha, and Zeta Phi Beta. This year’s homecoming pep rally was one for the books.