Campus Organizations


Photograph courtesy of Student Life

Is there anything that students have wanted to see on campus, but there are no student organizations doing it? Student organizations with a very wide range of activities exist on campus. From Greek life and sports clubs to religious entities and professional clubs, there are many opportunities for people from all walks of life. Every one of these organizations was started by groups of people who wanted to see a new organization on campus. However, students may find themselves wanting an organization that does not exist yet. Luckily for them, the process for starting a new campus organization is fairly easy and straightforward.

The first thing that students must have in order to form a student organization is simply an interest in a topic or group that they would like to see visibility for on campus. Once several students have agreed to form a campus organization, there are several other requirements. There must be at least four registered UIS students who are listed as active members of the organization. These students must then have a faculty member agree to sign on as an advisor. Every organization must submit a constitution as well, but the student life webpage has a model and students can look at existing constitutions as well for guidance. Once all of those are finalized, the organization must send its president and treasurer to the Registered Student Organization Leadership Summit, offered on campus. Once all this is done, the organization is an officially recognized campus entity.

It is very important that students with organizations make sure they become officially recognized. Without recognition, many benefits offered to registered organizations are not available. Becoming a campus organization allows the group to hold events in campus buildings, reserve campus equipment, have pages on UIS Connection, access student organization money, as well as many other things. Registering a campus organization is free.

Students who want to start a campus organization have no reason not to, as it is very easy to do. Student organizations help UIS remain a lively, inviting place that offers students many opportunities to excel in things they care about. If any students want to start a campus organization, gather some friends who wish to as well and start the process today!