The best Netflix series about sex

The best Netflix series about sex

What are the best erotic series on Netflix? What are the titles that can tell about sex, its essence, its difficulties, its most intimate aspects, the most problematic ones, stories capable of providing sexual education and breaking down some taboos by teaching something new to both kids and adults? In fact, on Netflix, there are many erotic series whose plot revolves around sex that stand out for a deep and not necessarily vulgar story about this very important aspect of people’s intimate lives and if you want to dive into this world, here’s where to look.


Let’s start with the erotic series par excellence, just debuted on Netflix with its second season, we’re talking about Sex/Lifea decidedly passionate title where explicit sex scenes dominate together with a story that tells of female pleasure and the difficulties of a lasting interpersonal relationship. In Sex/Lifesex is a central part of the story that unfolds between pure passion, transgression and erotic dreams. The story of this Netflix title, among the most successful of the last two years, is nothing other than that of a love triangle between a woman, her past as a rebellious girl and her husband. Sex/Life tells the story of female desire with honesty, irreverence and a vein of transgression never seen before on the small screen, making us reflect on how important it is for a woman to keep that flame of madness and passion alive even in the quiet life of a wife and mother.

Why Sex/Life is Really Worth Watching

The Turkish Passion

Turkish Passion is a Spanish erotic series, set in Turkey, which tells the story of a passionate and dark love between Olivia, a woman expert in Byzantine art, originally from Madrid, and Yaman, a charming and mysterious Turk. A sudden passion explodes between them, but behind this idyllic love lie lies, crimes, secrets and manipulations. Will Olivia be able to get her life back on track after falling into the vortex of a toxic love? Between scenes of sex, eroticism, intrigue and mystery, this series will keep you glued to the screen.

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Another Netflix title that is rightfully among the best erotic series on the streaming platform is Obsessiona British limited miniseries where sex becomes the central theme to talk about betrayal, love and death. The one told by Obsession It is a story taken from the novel by Josephine Hart, Damageand centers on a dangerous love triangle that emerges when the enigmatic Anna Barton embarks on a passionate affair with her fiancé’s father, William. As Anna struggles to sustain both relationships, William is drawn into an obsessive spiral. But how long can they keep their secret hidden before someone gets hurt?

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Money Shot, the story of Pornhub

Another Netflix title worth mentioning is a documentary that talks about sex in a more concrete way by analyzing the history and secrets of one of the online porn distribution platforms, Pornhub and it is Money Shot, the story of Pornhub.

Things to Know About Pornhub Before Watching the Netflix Documentary Money Shot

This documentary, through the testimonies of professional porn stars, sex workers, influencers and victims of the distribution of unauthorized pornographic films, offers a very broad vision of this industry and makes us reflect on how this world is full of contradictions and flaws.

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Lady Voyeur (Indiscreet Eye)

Lady Voyeur is a Brazilian series where sex scenes are mixed with many twists. Miranda is a very good hacker that no one seems to notice. The greatest entertainment of her days is spying on her neighbor Cléo, a high-class prostitute who lives in the building across the street. She observes her with binoculars, films her with her video camera and infiltrates her computer. When she has to leave for a trip, Cléo asks Miranda to take care of her dog, changing her life forever. In fact, she ends up meeting the man of her dreams and killing another in self-defense. What she doesn’t suspect is that it’s all part of a bigger plan. Sex Education

Sex Education

And then there is Sex Educationthe teen drama where sex is the star. The story is about Ortis, an awkward high school student who lives with his mother, the sex therapist Jean. In the first season, Otis, with the help of his friend Maeve Wiley, opens a sex clinic at school to make the most of his talent and intuition on the subject. In the second season, Otis faces his sexual needs, which arose late, in order to deepen his relationship with his girlfriend Ola. In the meantime, however, he must manage the strained relationship with Maeve. Meanwhile, at Moordale, a chlamydia outbreak highlights the need for better sex education in the classroom, while new teenagers arrive in town who challenge the status quo. The series was created and written by Laurie Nunn.

Sky Red

Sky Red is another Netflix title that is not afraid to talk about sex, indeed, it puts it at the center of the narrative. It is about a Spanish series created by the creator of The paper house with an all-female cast. What makes it a series about sex? Its protagonists, three prostitutes. This series, in fact, is nothing more than a story about the crude world of prostitution where sex becomes a commodity and is stripped of any romantic and passionate element. This title pushes on a very delicate theme and does so by telling an intense and at times violent story but also capable of making you reflect on what prostitution entails in a person’s life, what it means to exploit a woman for her own body and what the buying and selling of human beings is.

Sex in a nutshell

For those who prefer documentary miniseries, there is Sex in a Nutshell, a more analytical account of what it is, how sex works, and what it does to people’s bodies at a hormonal level. What happens when we are excited? From attraction to sexual fantasies, through contraception and childbirth, it’s time to change our perspective on storks and bees.