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Campus Senate tables non-tenure track debate for the fall


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At the most recent Campus Senate meeting, senators decided to table the discussion of non-tenure track (NTT) faculty reviews until the fall semester. The proposed resolution will go back to the Personnel Policy Committee (PPC) for further review and discussion.

This move comes after associate professor Deborah Anthony first proposed the resolution at the April 7 meeting. The proposed changes would have outlined stricter guidelines for how NTT faculty members are reviewed each year.

According to Anthony, the current process for review can be vague and varies between colleges and departments.

Anthony said that, in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences “most departments do not engage in the review process at all.”

Anthony believes that the review process is important to the success of NTT faculty. Without a defined and routine process, she argues, NTT faculty “have no substantive record of their performance” and also receive limited or no feedback from their department.

She also stated that the review process is important in deciding raises and contract renewals for NTT faculty.

To remedy this, Anthony proposed the resolution, which “requires departments to provide substantive feedback on the report that the NTT faculty are already submitting.”

She believes that this change will provide NTT faculty with feedback and a record of accomplishments at the end of each year.

The proposed changes were met with opposition from some faculty, particularly faculty in the Computer Science Department.

At the meeting, faculty members suggested an amendment to the resolution that would make the review process optional for NTT faculty. This suggestion was then given to the PPC, who will review the suggestions and reintroduce the resolution when the senate resumes in the fall semester.

According to Anthony, annual reviews are used to justify raises and for contract renewal. The final Campus Senate meeting of the semester is scheduled for Friday, May 5 at 10 a.m.

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Campus Senate tables non-tenure track debate for the fall