PostSecret Breaks Barriers


Frank Warren has been called “The Most Trusted Man In America,” and his PostSecret presentation did not make anyone doubt the title. Over the course of an hour, Warren took his audience on a roller coaster ride through a myriad of secrets strangers had sent in to him. From tales of abuse and cheating to stories of food snuck into auditoriums and guilt after taking an elevator, Warren constantly kept his audience guessing as to what secret he would lay bare next. 

Even in exposing us to the outlandish, Warren never shied away from exposing the audience to some of the more serious secrets he had seen. Coming off of relatable stories and experiences, Warren showed his audience a secret that had been submitted to the Post Secret app. This secret was a stranger’s confession about contemplating jumping in front of a car on a street they lived at. Amidst gasps and silent tears from the audience, Warren used this secret to demonstrate the power in both his project and letting our feelings show. The audience saw more secrets from that same street, each one from a person offering a hand to someone in need. This powerful show of solidarity brought Warren to his point. Although we carry our own private burdens, there is always someone out there who wants to help. 

With strangers all over the world having shared, Warren opened the table to his audience. Borne aloft by sudden bravery, audience members were given a chance to step to a microphone and lay bare their hearts to the ballroom. Tears were shed and hugs were given, but that single moment showed the strength that an open community has. There was no judgement to be had in that room—only solidarity from friends and complete strangers. Speak your mind; the worst that could happen is regret over not doing so.