Koch Approves New Mission Statement for UIS


Susan Koch, chancellor of University of Illinois Springfield, approved a new mission, vision and set of values for UIS as part of the 2018- 2028 Strategic Compass.

The UIS Strategic Compass is the university’s plan for the next ten years. It is somewhat different from other strategic plans in that it is less a rigid set of goals than a general guide that evolves with changing circumstances.

The current compass was commissioned in 2017 by Koch and replaces the previous 2006-2016 compass. The effort to create the new plan was spearheaded by the Strategic Compass Steering Committee (SCSC), which worked in coordination with advisors from the Center for Organization and Human Resource Effectiveness (COHRE) at Middle Tennessee University.

SCSC and COHRE developed a draft report of the overall compass, along with a separate technical report, which together established a preliminary mission, vision and set of values presented to the UIS community for feedback in the Fall of 2018 and revised accordingly. The final version was approved by the chancellor this January.

The mission, vision and values of the Strategic Compass all establish the guiding principles that UIS seeks to achieve over the next ten years. The new mission claims that UIS “provides a uniquely student-centered educational experience both in and out of the classroom” through active learning, research, and civic engagement, preparing students to contribute to society after graduation.

The new vision for the university is “a pathway to opportunity, a catalyst for change and a space of possibility” creating “ethical and passionate scholars, leaders and citizens” able to bring about change in their local and global communities.

In terms of values, the new set includes student-focused teaching and learning, placing “student development… at the core of all university activities.” The core values are integrity, inquiry, civic engagement, diversity, Strategic thinking, and accountability.