Podcamp on Campus: An NPR Adventure


The University of Illinois Springfield campus is teeming with unique opportunities for students to enrich their lives and the lives of others. The NPR Illinois Podcamp and NPR Illinois Podcast Academy are two upcoming events for middle school and high school students, respectively, organized so that the groups may develop a skill base for podcasting through both audio and video formats.

Those who participate in the camps can expect to develop voice production, their ability to interview people effectively, and edit on a basic level. Ethical and professional journalism is emphasized by those running the camps, such as professors on campus and reporters from NPR Illinois. Activities include podcast writing, editing, and conducting interviews with leaders of the community. They will broadcast their work to family members, and perhaps even on WUIS-NPR itself, when they are finished.

NPR Illinois Podcamp is available for students who, as of summer 2019, will be entering the seventh or eighth grade of middle school. This camp will take place June 24 through 28.

The NPR Illinois Podcast Academy is available for students who will be entering the ninth, tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade of high school. This camp will take place July 22 through 26.

Ann Strahle, associate professor of communication and coordinator of both Podcamp and Podcast Academy, emphasizes that these camps are much more than just an opportunity for students to gain experience with the practice. The events bridge the gap between two very important areas on campus that may, at times, become disconnected:“

“[They] highlight the synergy between the university’s academic programs, such as the communication department and WUIS-NPR. The Podcamps also highlight the important journalistic and community reporting efforts that are happening at WUIS on a daily basis.”

If any young students aspiring to achieve more during their summer months wish to attend, they may seek more information at www. nprillinois.org or call (217)- 206-9847.