Prairie Stars on the Move: Navie Fields


Photographs courtesy of Aaron Gregory Boyd

Most people say that they want to give back to the community and elevate people to a level they deserve, yet few actually do. Navie Fields is different, as he follows through with this promise. Through involvement in many campus groups, Navie enriches the lives of those around him on a daily basis.

Navie Fields, a senior business administration major with a concentration in management, is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Upsilon Xi chapter, Necessary Steps, the Black Male Collegiate Society, and is a peer advisor at the UIS Diversity Center. All of these organizations share goals of promoting goodwill to all and help their members be lifted up by those around them.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Upsilon Xi chapter, of which Navie is Vice President, holds programming throughout the year with many goals. One program they do is mentorships at local elementary schools. They do this by going to the schools, talking to the students, giving advice, and doing whatever else is needed to help the elementary school students succeed in the future. The fraternity also hosts some social events, such as a graduate chapter bonfire. Navie said his goal is to fight the view of the “party boy” in fraternities and promote the other aspects of brotherhood and scholarship through events such as seminars on financial literacy and sexual assault.

Navie is also a mentor for the Necessary Steps program. This program pairs new, first generation freshmen with older students who have already been through the entry process of being a freshman. After being a freshman in the program, Navie wanted to be more involved in the program. He became a student mentor his Junior year and described it as an eye-opening learning experience.

One of the most striking lessons he learned was that “sometimes you don’t have all the answers.” There would be times where a mentee would ask a question and he would not know the answer. The process of navigating that situation was where his own personal growth would occur.

The Black Male Collegiate Society aims to be a safe space with no judgement for people do discuss and learn about the cultural issues of being black in America. Despite the name, members do not have to be black. Navie has been the president of this organization for two years and takes great pride in it. He said it is the first organization on campus that many students are able to join. One ofthe most important things that BMCS does is the Black Male Initiative. This is a discussion group about topics picked by Justin Rose and Navie himself. This is meant to give a chance for all voices on a topic to be heard and for people to learn about others who they may disagree with.

In the Diversity Center, he helps facilitate events Once events are planned, he follows through and makes sure that all people who are supposed to attend are at the events, and all materials that need to be procured are. It is important for him to maintain availability during all the heritage months throughout the year.

Navie Fields spends the majority of his time involving himself in the organizations that promote success and learning for all students. Giving back is nothing new to him, as he has been doing so for years. Few people are able to give as much time to the community as Navie does.