UIS Strives for a Sustainable Campus


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The University of Illinois Springfield is on its way to becoming an eco-friendly campus one step at a time. The UIS Green Fee Committee is accepting student-written letters containing ideas for a more sustainable campus. Claire Eaton, coordinator of campus sustainability projects, states, “Students are directly involved in the everyday choices for our environment…A healthy environment means a healthy you.” The goal of the UIS Green Fee Committee is to certify UIS as a green campus after making the sustainable changes written in the letters of intent. In recent months, the UIS Green Fee Committee has completed numerous eco-friendly changes around campus.

The first change is a solar-powered charging station for cell phones, laptops, and other devices. The charging station is in a temporary location outside the Student Union, but it will soon be moved to the balcony by Starbucks. Another change includes landscaping with buffalo grass. Buffalo grass does not need pesticides or fertilizer, making the grass completely self-sustainable. The grass is in the circle drive on the west side of the Student Union.

In addition to these changes, a bicycle repair station can be found outside of the Public Affairs Center. The repair station encourages students to bike around campus rather than drive. Next, compost bins were added behind the Student Union to reduce food waste. The staff can throw out fresh foods -such as vegetables -to create compost for the UIS garden. The final change made on campus recycling bins were added in every residence hall-including each dorm.

Claire Eaton says, “These changes will have a lasting impact on the environment and for the students.” The UIS Green Fee Committee is providing current students the opportunity to make a difference for future students. All letters of intent are due no later than November 15 at 11:59 p.m. Visit www. uis.edu/greenprojects/get_ involved for any questions or to get involved.