Tips for Managing Online Coursework


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As the spring 2020 semester progresses online, assignments and final projects are beginning to accumulate before final exams. A lot of students are left struggling to keep their heads above water. It can be difficult to maintain grades without physical classes or professors in person to teach the material, so here are some ways to stay afloat: 

Implement some sort of routine. If you have no Zoom classes or timed assignments to wake up on time for, set your own alarm on weekdays. Create reminders, and try to be consistent about a daily schedule. Eating and going to bed around the same time every day is a good way to keep things (somewhat) balanced. 

Break up large projects into smaller pieces. Have a 15-page paper due by next month? It will be easier to do if that work is distributed evenly across the following days. Assign yourself one day to get the outline done, one to pick out sources, one to write the introduction and title page and so on. Slow, steady progress helps one avoid the stress associated with procrastination. No one wants to have to write 10 pages in a day. 

Set your own short-term goals and deadlines. Make sure that you stay on top of deadlines. Know exactly what you need to get done every day of the week and push yourself to meet each daily quota of work. Reward yourself for every short and long-term goal met – proportionately to the accomplishment. 

Keep an organized planner. The best way to make sure that every assignment gets done on time is by writing all deadlines down in one place. Cross out or erase what has already been done and be sure to re-enter into next week’s list what was not done the previous week. 

Relax and de-stress when needed. Take intermittent breaks for the sake of your attention span and sanity. Everyone needs to unwind once in a while so they do not burn out. 


There are still a good few weeks left before the semester ends, so hang in there!