How To Be Spooky Safely


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Halloween is fun for small children, mature adults and everyone in between but it is crucial to protect the safety of others during a global pandemic. The two can exist at the same time and here are some helpful recommendations to keep in mind this Halloween.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has provided extensive guidance for how citizens can responsibly celebrate the spookiest holiday. To start, trick-or-treating should be modified this year. The joy that young kids get from collecting free candy should not be taken away – but changing the way they collect the candy is one helpful way to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Candy and treats should be individually wrapped and left on a table in an open outdoor space away from houses. Those distributing treats can still sit on their front porch or look out their window to see the happy faces and goofy costumes of the neighborhood kids but this tip will keep everyone much safer.

For parents of children who are trick-or-treating, it is recommended to only do so with those from the same household. Children may not be able to go out with their best friends but they can still wave and say hi to those they see out and about if social distancing is utilized. It is also important that everyone washes their hands once they get home and, as always, candy should be checked for safety before being given to children.

Regarding adults, it is still possible to have a fun, responsible Halloween. Large gatherings are discouraged but small gatherings with social distancing, masks, proper hygiene and other familiar COVID-19 mitigation tactics should be observed. It is important to remember that alcohol can impair a person’s judgement, so drink responsibly and do not engage in risky behaviors. After going to any Halloween gathering, please stay home as much as possible and get tested for COVID-19 two weeks later. While small gatherings are allowed, there is always a risk of transmitting the virus.

 Halloween is far from cancelled but it is important to keep everyone safe while celebrating during these trying times.