Fourteen Days in: A Look at Biden’s Executive Orders

Fourteen Days in: A Look at Biden’s Executive Orders

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Information current as of Jan. 28.

It has officially been two weeks since the new U.S. president, Joe Biden, was sworn into office. In the swift 14 days since the Inauguration, Biden has already prioritized reforming the country by assessing regulations and policies from the previous four years. In his prompt efforts, Joe Biden has made quite some legislative progress. Having already signed numerous executive orders, the new president appears to be setting a strong precedent for the next presidents to come. With over 20 executive orders signed and more in progress, Joe Biden has been tackling some of the nation’s most prominent issues.

Unequivocally, one of the most important executive orders signed by the new president encompasses the imminent course of action for COVID-19. In the extensive bill, Biden details a list of preventative actions that will soon be in effect. The White House-appointed staffing will catalyze said actions. With a newly designated COVID-19 Response Team, the president will receive up-to-date advice and direction on the current pandemic.

Under such pretenses, Biden indicates that the government will put maximum effort into the nationwide distribution of COVID-19 tests, personal protective equipment (PPE), and vaccines — a far cry from the past administration’s early pandemic response. Under this bill, the new president also moves toward the reopening of schools and miscellaneous amenities for school-age children amid the pandemic.

In another executive order, President Biden calls for racial equality throughout the country. Acknowledging the nation’s racial tension, this bill highlights the importance of generating equal opportunity for people of color by re-analyzing some of the most integral laws and policies. The bill seeks to break down the barriers to equality exhibited by pertinent laws and federal agencies. Through the vast reworking of today’s inequitable system, Biden intends on allotting federal resources that encourage equal opportunity and overall fairness.

Redirecting focus on the global conversation of climate change, Biden signed an executive order that acknowledges the actions required against the crisis. The order delineates the importance of foreign policy in this affair, further noting collaboration with other countries. In this order, Biden also recognizes the significance of the U.S. rejoining The Paris Agreement, an agreement that involves the mitigation of climate change. With the execution of this order, the U.S. seeks to develop several financial channels to help implement environmentally-safe measures.

In only 14 days, President Biden has signed over 20 executive orders. Prioritizing  America’s recovery, some say that Biden has placed the country on a path of progression. For a detailed look at the complete list of executive orders signed by President Biden, click here.