Resident Assistant: An Amazing Opportunity


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Most students have dealt with Residence Life at UIS at one point or another, from the general relationship of living on campus to more personal relationships with Resident Assistants (RAs), as well as events held by this department. To fully understand the importance of this department and the student leadership opportunities, the Assistant Director – Community Development of the Department of Residence Life, Talor Mourning, discussed the importance of RAs at UIS.

Assistant Director Mourning gave a list of benefits for students who choose to become an RA. Some of these benefits are “[gaining] transferable skills for future employment, including communications, mediation, time management, emergency response, and more!” For those who are looking for a campus job with more financial support, another benefit is a “[g]enerous compensation plan, which includes housing, a meal plan and a weekly stipend.” Overall, becoming an RA is an amazing opportunity to help foster the community ideal of “Leadership Lived” at UIS, with Mourning stating, “RAs are asked to foster a sense [of] respect and accountability among their peers while helping to build safe and welcoming communities.”

With this position residing under Residence Life, it is important to understand the impact of this department. It fosters an inclusive environment that is meant to support academic and personal growth in the students who live on campus. When discussing Residence Life as a whole, Mourning stated: “Residence Life strives to provide diverse and inclusive traditions which enhance the development of the whole student, support a safe living-learning environment, and deliver excellent customer service.”

For those who are interested in becoming an RA, the application is open until Feb. 1 at 5 p.m. To apply, go to the website For those who are interested in other positions within Residence Life, the department does hire over 50 students each year. Other positions include desk attendants and facility crew members.