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Player Profile: Katie Kirschbaum


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Katie Kirschbaum is double threat at UIS. She is not only on UIS’ volleyball team, but she is on UIS’s tennis team.  The volleyball teams record so far in the season is 9-16 overall and 1-12 in the GLVC. The tennis team, however, has yet to delve into their season. Kirschbaum is a middle blocker for UIS’ volleyball team and is doing well as a first-year student. Kirschbaum is also a CAP student majoring in biology focusing in pre-med.

Playing multiple sports is not unusual though. According to Kirschbaum she played volleyball, basketball and softball in high school. Kirschbaum is from Winfield, Il and attended Wheaton North.

“I started [playing volleyball] in 5th grade,” she said.  Coming from an athletic family this is no shock. Kirschbaum’s mother played tennis at Augustana and Kirschbaum’s sister, Lexi Kirschbaum, is UIS’ own cheerleading coach. Lexi Kirschbaum has been working with the UIS since her undergraduate degree, and has gone on to become not only the cheerleading coach but the Athletics Events Administrator. K. Kirschbaum also went on to say, “my younger brother [also] played [volleyball].”

Kirschbaum grew up next to Jessica Ulrich, who played volleyball for Pennsylvania State. This is also where she draws her inspiration from.  Her favorite volleyball player though is Misty May Treanor, a professional volleyball player and actress. Even though Kirschbaum plays tennis and Volleyball, she says that hockey is her favorite professional sport to watch; her favorite team is the Black Hawks.

Kirschbaum’s favorite play of all time was the first time she blocked a ball in 7th grade. She said, “You just get a good feeling of blocking—you have so much power and strength.”

She expressed that she chose UIS because of the programs it offered and because of CAP.  Upon choosing UIS, she was offered the positions on the volleyball team and tennis team. Being a student athlete, it is important to understand that being a student always comes first.

Because sports were always apart a part of her life, it is not hard for her to incorporate them into her life in college. She is also fortunate enough to have her older sister here on campus to her guide her on the right path.

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Award winning, student run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield..
Player Profile: Katie Kirschbaum