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Player profile: Brooke Carroll


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Brooke Carroll, an infielder for UIS softball, hopes for another impressive softball season.

Carroll started her softball career in her hometown, Columbia, Ill., and has been playing since she was in the third grade.  Her inspiration to continue to play softball was Jenny Finch, since Brooke originally started as a pitcher.

As for favorite athletes, Carroll admires Yadier Molina, a professional baseball player who catches for the St. Louis Cardinals, because of his drive and passion of the sport.

During high school, Carroll was a team captain both her junior and senior year. Along with being the team leader, Carroll was an all-conference athlete all four years. Many colleges became interested in Carroll and her outstanding potential to help benefit a team.

Carroll took interest in the UIS and its softball program and decided to attend. Coming in as a freshman, Carroll was excited to start her first season as a college athlete.

During Carroll’s first season at UIS, she started 40 games, and helped the team with 25 RBIs, and had a batting average of .310. In her second season, Carroll started 36 games and had over 100 at bats during that season. Carroll also had four homeruns and 22 RBIs.

For Carroll’s most recent season, she started 54 games, had eight homeruns, and 40 RBIs.  Her batting average increased to .313 that season.

Carroll’s most memorable moment during her softball career was during the spring season of last year. UIS softball made history by advancing to the semi-finals of the conference tournament.

During this game, UIS softball was down by 3 points against Bellarmine, and Carroll came up to bat and ended it by hitting a walk-off grand slam and winning the game.

As for this upcoming season, Carroll is excited to see where the team goes, especially since it is her last year. UIS softball did not lose many players from the last year so UIS softball expects another great season.

After this season, Carroll’s life will seem to change.  Softball, a sport that has become an accustomed to Carroll’s lifestyle for years, will become only a hobby while she peruses her education in psychology in hopes to receive a Ph.D. Carroll assures her love for the game will never burn out.

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Award winning, student run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield..
Player profile: Brooke Carroll