Jorge Fossati trolls journalist who asked him about his English: “No, because of them, they won’t understand”

Jorge Fossati trolls journalist who asked him about his English: “No, because of them, they won’t understand”

Jorge Fossati, coach of the Peruvian national team, offered a press conference with Gianluca Lapadula before the confrontation against Canada. During the event, technical director of the White and red He was the protagonist of a funny moment that generated laughter among the attendees and, as expected, it quickly went viral on social media.

The question about your English

One of the journalists present asked Fossati about his level of English. The Uruguayan coach, with a hesitant gesture, replied: “I’m for them, they won’t understand me”His comment provoked laughter, even from himself. Lapadula.

Peru’s coach held a press conference alongside Gianluca Lapadula before facing Canada. Photo: LR/TikTok composition

After the initial exchange, they provided him with Fossati headphones to translate his questions. Minutes later, another journalist asked him in English “How are you?”to which Fossati responded with a simple “Fine“, generating laughter again among the attendees.

Comments on American English

Fossati explained that he found American English difficult. Despite the language barrier, the coach continued the conference with his characteristic good humour, keeping the audience entertained.

During the press conference, Fossati also spoke about the Canadian team. He noted that Canada is a fast and dynamic team, especially in terms of defense. He commented that compared to Chile, Canada stands out for its technique and dynamism, aspects that, according to Fossati, Chile does not possess to the same extent.

Fossati’s humorous exchange with reporters demonstrated his ability to handle situations with charisma and good spirit, even when faced with unexpected questions.

How did users react on social media?

“He should make Sonne answer the question”, “Nono is like the master of the Kung-Fu movies”, “A master of comedy. Everything goes well for him”, “That Nono has a lot of spark”, “That must be why Nono wanted Sonne to learn Spanish, now he should ask him for English classes”, were just some of the reactions of users on social networks.

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25/06 Peru vs. Canada five pm
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