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Alexander Marchall

consumo aria condizionata auto

How much energy does car air conditioning consume?

With the arrival of summer, air conditioning in cars becomes increasingly used. In addition to the comfort it can provide, its use often leads to the question of whether its use affects the fuel consumption. Turning on the air conditioning affects the consumption of our car because its operation requires energy, which is obtained precisely ...

Alexander Marchall

olanda e paesi bassi non sono la stessa cosa come si dice

Are Holland and Netherlands the same thing? No, we Italians are wrong (like many others)

Noi Netherlands they couldn’t be called “Holland”as we commonly call them instead Italians or, for example, the English (with the distinction between The Netherlands and Holland). To make a comparisoncalling the Netherlands “Holland” is a bit like calling Italy abroad “Lombard-Venetian” (yes, it’s not the same thing, but it’s an example): it would be incredibly ...

Alexander Marchall

occhio dello squalo

Sharks Aren’t Blind: How Their Eyes Work and How They See

The sharks eyes They are among the most sophisticated of fish and from an anatomical point of view they even have some similarities with human eyes: for example, their pupils can dilate or contract depending on the brightness and perhaps they can even distinguish some color. As top predators in marine food chains, they must ...

Alexander Marchall

consigli posta elettronica ordinata

How to Keep Your Email Inbox Organized: 5 Helpful Tips

L’e-mail is a tool widely used by anyone with an Internet connection. Given the massive use of email, the risk that your inbox will soon become cluttered with messages of dubious usefulness is absolutely real. That’s why in this article we decided to share with you 5 Tips and Tricks to keep your email inbox ...